22 Aug 2019

Statement of Purpose Filsham Lodge

Philosophy of Care and the Home 
Range of Needs Catered For 

Home Owner /Manager – (Name, Experience, Home Address and Communication Information) 
Home Organisational Structure

Staff Training 

Emergency Admission 
Privacy and Dignity
Smoking and Alcohol
Fire Safety 

Religion (Worship/Attendance at Religious Services) 
Contact with Family and Friends 
Service Users Plan and Reviews 

Therapeutic Activities 
Monitoring and Quality 

Aims and Objectives

When people have worked hard throughout their life and have been committed to helping others, we think they deserve extra cherishing. They need a home where individuality is emphasised, with staff who have time to give attention to small detail, and where they have the choice of enjoying the company of like-minded fellow Service Users:

With over 15 years experience, the management of Sovereign Care Homes Ltd pride ourselves on offering a highly professional care service for elderly people with dementia type illness, with a personal touch. We are pleased to accept Service Users, both male and female, for long term care, short term care, or for convalescence stays.


It is the aim of SOVEREIGN CARE HOMES Ltd to create an atmosphere in which our elderly service users can live as normal a life as possible, to enhance their quality of life by providing a safe and comfortable environment, to encourage them in their interest and activities, to maintain a climate in which individuality, independence and personal dignity are respected, plus providing support and stimulation to enable service users to live as full a life as their capabilities will allow.

To provide warmth, good food and proper professional care at all times, so that we ensure that all service users are happy and contented and to this end we believe that there are certain basic values which contribute to the quality of life for most people. These are as follows:


To provide a safe and enjoyable environment for people who are no longer able to manage in their own homes.

To provide a quality of life which enables service users to retain their independence, identity and sense of their own value and to have as many choices as possible within the day-to-day life of the Home and to afford service users dignity and privacy.

To provide stimulation and encouragement to maintain as many previous skills, interests, activities and friendships as possible in or out of the Home and the opportunity to develop new interests and friendships.

To provide emotional support in day-to-day living and over personal problems, both for service users and their relatives and carers.

To provide good physical care with advice and equipment to maintain personal independence.

To obtain health care provided by Health Services and other agencies together with the opportunity for treatment and rehabilitation, should this be required.

To provide appropriate care, stimulation and understanding for service users who suffer from Confusion, Dementia or Alzheimer's, and to maintain sensitivity to the effects which their condition may have on other service users and on the life of the Home.

Philosophy of Care and The Home

Sovereign Care Homes Ltd aims to provide its Service Users with a secure, relaxed, and homely environment in which their care, well being and comfort are of prime importance. Service users are encouraged to participate in the running of the home, and to be able to air their views in a number of ways via satisfaction surveys, service users meetings etc.

Carers will strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all Service Users within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in so doing will be sensitive to the Service Users ever-changing needs. Such needs may be medical/therapeutic (for physical and mental welfare), cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social, and Service Users are encouraged to participate in the development of their individualised Care Plans in which the involvement of family and friends may be appropriate and is greatly valued.

All our Service Users are considered as individuals with their own personal individual needs.

Michael Smull, who developed Essential Lifestyle Planning, wrote:

“Our quality of life is determined by the presence or absence of things that are important to us- our choices, our rituals”.

We need to discover things that are essential and important to all our Service Users.

Learning about our Service Users’ lifestyle and life history, spending time talking and listening to them, and inviting others who know and care about them will all contribute to our Service Users’ well being and is considered to be most important to all our team.

We wish to lessen ill being and increase well being.

This will beachieved through constant dialogues with families, friends and Service Users themselves and through programmes of activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self esteem, social interaction with other Service Users and with recognition of the following core values of care which are fundamental to the philosophy of our Home:


All Care Staff within the Home will be appropriately qualified to deliver the highest standards of care. A continuous staff-training programme is implemented to ensure that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in Care Practices as may be laid down in appropriate Legislation, Regulations and the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

We cater for service users who are frail or who are suffering from a dementia type illness. We can accommodate clients requiring assistance with their day to day care such as help with washing or bathing, assistance with dressing or administration of medication. We can offer assistance at mealtimes as well as with all other aspects of daily living, perhaps help with letter writing, using the phone, hobbies and activities etc, all in a safe and secure environment.

Sovereign Care Homes Ltd was formed in 1993 by the current Directors and is an independent Care group which owns and operates a number of care homes throughout the country. The Directors have a wide range of experience in managing and operating care homes. We have Homes for the elderly, homes for the Elderly with Dementia type illness and homes for young adults with learning difficulties.

The home can meet most Nursing needs.

There are times when, unfortunately, Filsham Lodge will not be able to cater for drastic changes in needs and this will be dealt with appropriately with all involved in the care provided. This may sometimes lead to a transfer to another Home (although this is done only as a last resort, once all avenues have been tried and only after appropriate discussions with family and all health care professionals involved).

Details of Staff Numbers and Staff Training

As can be seen, the home has a substantial management structure to support the staff at the home. The home employs 55 staff members including; 1 Manager, 1 Deputy Manager, 6 Registered Nurses, 1 Head of Care, Senior Carers, Care Assistants, Catering and Domestic staff.

The home’s staff are selected for their qualities of reliability, integrity, skill, friendliness and professionalism. They are carefully screened and references are always checked thoroughly. All staff have CRB checks prior to employment.

Each new staff work at least three shifts on a supernumerary basis during their induction period. All staff are trained in-house by experienced qualified seniors. A personal file is opened for each new member of staff, when they first start work, to enable them to follow their personal training development. They are usually followed throughout their induction process by a mentor who is usually a Senior carer within the Home. During induction, the new staff will gain a sound knowledge of the Home’s most important policies. As a company we strongly believe in having a highly motivated and well trained team of staff in order to deliver high quality care. To this end we insist that all staff training needs and requirements are regularly assessed, and that we deliver the appropriate training and guidance in line with current legislation and our company policy.

The basic induction of any new staff will include the following:

  • Confidentiality
  • The rights of Service User’s
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Personal Care Tasks
  • Care Assistants Responsibilities
  • Fire policy and procedure
  • Documentation
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Moving and handling
  • Fire
  • Food and Hygiene
  • Dementia
  • Infection control
  • Health and safety
  • Abuse
  • Catheterisation
  • Venepuncture
  • Syringe driver
  • Anaphylactic shock and resuscitation
  • First Aid
  • Medication
  • In depth dementia training (this enables cascading information to be passed on to the less senior staff on a daily basis).
  • Senior staff also have the following
  • Level 2 in dementia care
  • Level 2 in Infection control
  • Level 2 in End of life care
  • Level 2 in nutrition and health
  • Level 2 in diabetes management
  • the layout of the Home
  • the dependency of each Resident
  • the level of training of each member of staff
  • the specific needs of the Residents on specific occasions (for example if a Service User needs more staff input due to a worsening condition).

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