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Whether it's the little cares and attentions we can offer the elderly on a daily basis or a real need for loving care: our work is always focused on the human individual who requires care and support and who has a right to the same humane treatment that he or she has known throughout life.

 Dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity are all practiced by our highly trained and committed carers who help to create a trusting and personal relationship with all those who come to us or live with us.

An overview of our home & care services

Supported Living

The facilities, services and support offered by enable our residents to enjoy a comfortable life where they remain in control, even in old age.

Short-Term Care

When carers are away from home or unwell, we can offer full loving care for your relative even for short periods.

EMI Care

Because those suffering from age-related dementia require special care and attention, our EMI care is specially adapted to their needs.

Short-Term Care

A pleasant living atmosphere requires not only a sense of happiness and well-being but also effective care and support when it is needed.

Services available to all residents in our centre include:

Our rooms and flats are furnished to the latest technical and medical standards. They can also be arranged to suit personal tastes with the resident's own furniture, decorations and mementos. Naturally, all our rooms are equipped with TV and telephone, and with their own bathroom with shower, wash basin and toilet.

Our residents receive the individual care they request and need when it comes to meals, cultural activities and all-round care. All this is provided at by its dedicated professional carers.
single, double rooms & senior flats available
spacious accommodation including bath & WC
four meals per day
ergo therapeutic treatment
cultural activities & events
Singing, Slide Shows, Reading Film Evenings
spiritual guidance
laundry service
collection & delivery service
foot care & hairdresser once a week
errand service
housework & cleaning service

Short-Term Care

What happens to your beloved relative when your family is away, the carer is unwell or when it is not possible to look after him or her for a short period of time for some other reason?
 An ideal solution is short-term residential care, allowing us to look after the person in our centre for up to 28 days in the year.

This means that your relative receives the same loving and professional care as our permanent residents and can feel safe and supported in his or her own personal space.

A permanent stay in our care home is not always required when a relative needs care and assistance. Day-time part-residential care allows us to relieve the stress from those providing care while allowing the elderly person to remain in familiar surroundings.
full-day care from Monday to Friday from the early morning to the late afternoon
loving and professional care delivered by highly trained carers
a wide range of activities, e.g., walks, excursions, handicrafts and singing
physical exercise to maintain personal mobility

Our EMI Care

Learn more about the options and services in our centre.

EMI care available at includes:

Caring for people suffering from dementia is always a challenge for family members and carers alike. Father, mother, grandmother: suddenly they can't remember a loved one any more and feel unsure about their environment. 

That's when a professional, loving and well-structured programme of care is extremely important. We have the special conditions needed to support them and help them live their life free from fear and with confidence.
Secure Living Area With Pleasantly Furnished Single & Double Rooms
Individuals' Own Furniture In Their Personal Space So As To Promote Security
disabled-access bath and WC facilities
continuous supervision provided by highly trained carers
involvement of the family in personal requirements and requests
friendly, well-adapted living area for group activities
spacious corridors and an EMI garden for EMI residents' motor activities

Nursing Care

Learn more about the options and services in our centre.

EMI care available at includes:

Treatment of highly dependent people requires respect for each person's dignity and individual character: in short, their need to be treated like a human being. provides full residential care which is determined by the individual needs of each person and which takes into consideration the intimate environment of the resident. 

Our highly committed teams are always available to offer stimulating, mobilising and rehabilitating care as well as creating that much-needed sense of security. We also work closely with the dependent person's family to develop a high level of trust and personalised care for our residents.
full-time care from highly qualified carers
medical care provided by the residents' choice of GP & specialist
medical treatment monitored & delivered
intensive cooperation with physiotherapists, Ergo-therapists & speech therapists
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